4 Common Recruitment Tricks Used By Diploma Mills

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By Julie Havert

Good reputation online colleges don’t need to rely on gimmicks in enrolling new online students. They have built their reputation over the years and they get positive reviews from alumnus. However, diploma mills often use recruitment tricks such as free gift, big promises or incentives to convince the potential students to sign up the online degree programs. You, as a smart student should beware of these online education scams and avoid to be one of the victims. When you are researching online colleges, beware of the 4 common recruitment tricks used by diploma mills.



1. Free Laptop On Enrollment

You are promised with a free laptop upon the enrollment. It may sound like a good deal, but once you have enrolled into an online degree program offered by diploma mill, you won’t get the laptop until you pay the tuition fee. Although it is still a good deal to get a free laptop after paying the tuition fee, the problem is, it is a trap of diploma mill to get you sign up with its online degree program. It is a ‘fake degree’ that won’t help your career after graduation. So, don’t enroll into a degree program just because of free gifts. It should be the reputation of the school and the accreditation of the degree be prioritized in your research of online education programs.

2. Unclear Tuition Fees

The degree programs offered by diploma mills may look very cheap, sometimes too good to be true. They normally keep various hidden costs under the table. Many online students get trapped with the low tuition fees when they compare the same program with other schools. Some diploma mills even get you sign up with an online degree program with a guaranteed of government grant. They will want you to pay the fee first and reimburse with government grant later. When the government grant does not get into your account, the diploma mill will give all sorts of reasons on the rejection of the grant application.

3. You are talking to a telemarketer

Generally, when you contact an online college office to talk to an admission counselor, you would expect the officer to answer your questions and help you clear all your doubts. But, if you find the school’s representative is too helpful and keeps assuring that the school is the best choice for you and want you to sign up with its online degree program as quickly as possible. It sounds like the school’s representative is selling you an education package, normally the package will fit all your needs because it is designed at the spot to fit the questions you have asked during the conversation. Don’t make a rush decision or on the spot commitment.

4. Promises that are too good to be true

Have you being promised with a better job after the graduation or guaranteed for a scholarship or grant if you sign up with the online degree program proposed by the admission officer? If this is the case, just walk away because no one can foresee the future job market and there is no guarantee for an approval for any grant application. The over-the-top promises that are too good to be true are the general tricks used by diploma mills to get you make an immediate decision. Generally, earning a degree may put you at the advantage edge to secure for a better career opportunity, but no one can guarantee it.


If you want to earn a degree online, earn it from a legitimate accredited online college. Beware of the potential diploma mills who are trying very hard to get you sign up with their online degree programs. If you found they use one of the tricks above to get you enroll into an online course, don’t get trapped.

Source: ezinearticles

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