How to Avoid Diploma Mills

diplomafraud March 13, 2012 1

The prevalence of online university degree programs makes it easier than ever for an organization to establish itself as a college, take students’ money, and provide them with a degree.

But a degree from a diploma mill will not help someone earn a job or a promotion. In fact, if a potential employer realizes the degree listed on a resume is from a diploma mill, it could mean jail time or heavy fines for the job applicant.

How can you recognize diploma mills and avoid being scammed?

  • Read Carefully: Written materials, including a diploma mill’s website, may have spelling and grammatical errors. Would a real school be that sloppy?
  • You Can Obtain a Degree Unbelievably Fast: If an online university boasts that you can earn your degree in less than a month — or even receive it overnight — you’ve stumbled upon a diploma mill. Whether you’re obtaining an online bachelor, master or specialized degree, it takes real study time to obtain a legitimate accredited degree.
  • The School Charges Per Degree: Legitimate, accredited online degree programs charge per hour, per semester or per credit, not per degree.
  • The Website Provides Vague Course Information: If the website doesn’t emphasize the school’s programs, courses, benefits and teacher interaction, instead emphasizing just the degree you’ll earn, it may be a diploma mill.

Source : wgu

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