Fake High School Diplomas: Don’t fall for it

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Fake high school diplomas: Here is a common situation that often arises when people go after the quick fix to earning a high school diploma or the equivalent, the GED. A few months ago, a woman contacted me via email and wanted to let me know about a traumatizing ordeal that happened to her. This woman (I’m not going to mention her name); stopped attending high school in the eleventh grade or you can say she dropped out. However, she is now a mother of two and was tired of low paying and dead end jobs. Therefore, she goes on the internet and she looks up some information on acquiring her high school diploma or GED. She finally found a program that she thought was going to give her a GED in a few weeks after she passed a test. She was excited after she got confirmation that she had passed the test and the GED diploma was in the mail. But the test was not free, you see, this woman had to dish out $350 of her hard earned money in order to take the test and to get the proper certification proving that she passed the GED exam. The paper work looked real enough, so she thought everything was fine. Unfortunately, when she tried to enroll into a college, she was told that the diploma was not real and that they cannot accept her enrollment.

Thousands of people every day goes through an ordeal like this. Although the internet is mostly used for good, it can also be used for evil. There is no shortage of dishonest people out there that have no problem lying and steeling from people. Currently, the last time I checked, there are forty million people without a high school diploma. Therefore, many people think that the quickest way to a better income is to game the system by getting a quick diploma. However, the quickest is not always the safest or the best. Doing things the right way may take you longer, but when you get there, you’ll stay there.

Here are some tips on how to spot fake high school diplomas.

First, if the website says that you can take the test for the GED on the internet, run away because it is a fake. GED exams are given by your state and the only way to take the test is to go into an official center where you’ll be administered a 7 to 8 hour test.

Second, if the website informs you that you can get a high school diploma after passing a couple courses, watch out! The diploma may not be from an accredited or government recognized establishment. Therefore, you run the risk of colleges, universities, or businesses rejecting it. Earning a legit diploma on the internet could take you a year to a few years.

Third, just because the website or the school says they’re accredited, do not let your guard down. Keep in mind that they’re currently a dozen or more accreditation standards of which only two are considered legit. In addition, many institutions or websites will claim that they’re accredited all day long, but the best way to make sure is to ask the college or the university that you want to attend if they accept high school diplomas from that particular website or institution.

Fourth, if you’re going to do the GED exam, make sure that the school giving the exam is recognized by the American Council on Education, these are the people that write the tests. In addition, you will also need to find out if their study program will get you prepared to take the exam.

Fifth, do not allow yourself to be duped by high school websites with the names of real high schools. Remember, anyone can create a website that comes off as authentic.

It all comes down to the age old lesson… “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

People that do not have their high school diploma should consider taking their GED. Almost all colleges and universities consider it equal to an actual diploma. Here is an interesting fact for you. 1 in 7 college enrollees got in with a GED instead of a high school diploma.

Taking the test for the GED is not that difficult at all, but you will have to do some studying as well as preparation. Most people consider the math to be the hardest and it requires the most time to prepare for. One of the best ways to get prepared for the GED is to take a practice test and see which areas you need more work in. In most cases, taking an online course will usually give you all of the preparation you need to pass the exam.

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