SIT unearths factory where fake stamps, degrees were made

diplomafraud March 23, 2012 0

In an ongoing investigation into the fake degree racket, the Special Investigation Team(SIT) of the Chandigarh Police unearthed a makeshift factory where the accused were making fake stamps and certificates. The Police also seized a large number of semi finished stamps,fake documents, degrees and recovered along with a polymer machine (for making stamps of Govt. Authorities) and other preparation material for making fake documents.

Addressing a press conference today Deputy Inspector General of Police said, “ The accused from the gang busted on Monday had been involved in making all kinds of official stamps which were used to make fake certificates.”

diploma fraud

The SIT also raided the Zirakpur office of Educational Strut run by Mukta Sharma who was arrested on Tuesday. The team raided the office of the accused in the presence of the accused and have reported over 160 suspected documents and degrees of various departments including degrees from Karnataka and Rajasthan.


DSP CID Anil Joshi said that the accused were well trained in making fake degrees and stamps. They were running the make shift factory from a house in Kharar and were able to produce a fake stamp within 15 minutes. The accused demonstrated in front of the media how they made fake stamps. The police believe that the accused were running similar factories from other places too.

Degrees of accused under scrutiny

The degrees of the main accused Mukhta Sharma was also being verified by the Police. According to SIT, Sharma was not able to give proper information of where she was staying at the time she was pursuing the degree. “The phone records and the mails of the accused are being looked into. We will also be writing to the Universities and the Departments, whose fake documents have been recovered, to identify the authentication of documents recovered.” said DSP CID Anil Kumar.

source : indianexpress

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