Fake degrees problem to continue

diplomafraud May 22, 2012 0

Dr. Khalid Al-Saad, Undersecretary of the Minister of Higher Education, said forging certificates and diplomas will continue in Kuwait as long as each degree has a price.

He said more than 30,000 students are expected to approach higher education establishments this year. A committee headed by the ministry of higher education has been established to assess the admission of those students.

The committee meets on a periodic basis to coordinate admissions into higher education establishments. He did not expect a crisis in admissions, but said the point to be considered in future is that not every high school graduate is qualified to be admitted into a university.

diploma fraud

“We should be in line with the natural situation in the world where it is assumed that 70 to 75 percent of high school graduates join higher education establishments. This is the world average, and we need high school graduates to enter the labor market and join other organizations. Not every high school student is qualified to be university student,” he said.

Al-Saad said there should be a focus on scientific subjects, as the country needs these specialties in the future. -Al-Anbaa

Source : kuwaittimes

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