Higher education views naive, distorted

diplomafraud June 4, 2012 0

Dan Linssen’s Op-Ed critique of higher education, which morphs into advocacy for self-study as the answer to “four-year diploma mills,” is utterly naive and exemplifies what you get when you skip out on the basic lessons of a traditional liberal arts education.

The author fails to define his terms (implying that all secondary education falls into the mill category), and moreover, offers no reason why we should consider him a credible source of information on the subject. The most humble of readers can clearly see that he has not even thought a few steps ahead to consider the implications or viability of any of his suggestions. The readership of the Green Bay Press-Gazette deserves more meaningful commentary than such a simplistic rant against the status quo.

diploma fraud

Learn a foreign language, presumably at no expense, through isolated self-study? Bon courage, monsieur.

Common sense invalidates the author’s distorted view of reality: “The world where a few educated elite become society’s leaders and inherit the “good life” is long gone.” What professional can you cite who lacks a college degree?

Among our local elite, our beloved Super Bowl champs boast college degrees, and their top management officer even holds multiple degrees from top-ranked universities. Gov. Scott Walker is indeed the only example that comes to mind to validate the author’s view that higher education is no longer a requirement, or of value, to join the ranks of the elite.

Source : greenbaypressgazette

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