Vietnam police bust up pricey diploma mill

diplomafraud June 5, 2012 0

Police in Can Tho have shut down an expensive forgery ring that sold faux diplomas for between VND11- 90 million (US$500-4,500).

Nguyen Viet Anh, 33, Nguyen Hong Dao, and Cao Bang Giang, 40, all of Ho Chi Minh City, were arrested after six pharmaceutical diplomas submitted to the Can Tho Health Department were discovered to be forgeries.

diploma fraud

Police launched a probe and seized equipment used in the forgery along with 90 college diplomas that had yet to be delivered to customers.

The trio told police that they produced at least 30 diplomas a month in the past year. Each document sold for VND11-20 million apiece. Those looking for pharmaceutical diplomas paid VND90 million.

Source : thanhniennews

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