What are the Signs of Diploma Mill Schools?

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There are several online institutes offering fake degrees to students. This guide provide a quick overview of fake diploma mill schools and how to identify and complain about them.

diploma fraud

Signs of Diploma (Degree) Mill Schools
  • They tend to have names similar to famous school
  • Accredited by their own accrediting agency (which is not authorize by US dept of education)
  • The admission criteria is very easy
  • The schools website might have no phone number
  • The address mentione don website is a P.O. Box
  • The school may not have .edu domain address
  • They will encourage depositing the complete program fee upfront.
  • They might not conduct exam and reward a degree against work-life experience
  • They will promise degree or diploma in return of cash (Normally $400 to $2200 for an undergraduate program and up to $3,500 for a graduate program
  • There offer no waiting to join their online school.
  • They advertise through spam
  • The online admission counselor assures that international online schools are not accredited by CHEA recognized agency, whereas it’s NOT true!
How to Verify Accredited Online School?
Before enrolling into any school, students shoud make sure to check its accreditation, this can be done by:
  • Searching on CHEA database of accredited institutes at http://www.chea.org/search/search.asp OR
  • Checking school accreditation status through http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/Search.aspx

Report Diploma Mills
If you are poisoned or about to be hit by diploma mill school, then you can file a complaint against that school. This helps increase awareness againt the diploma mill school.

  • Visit Better Business Bureau anf file a complain at: http://www.bbb.org/complaint.asp
  • Stuents can also file a complaint with your state’s attorney general office – http://www.naag.org/attorneys_general.php (Attoryney General Office by State)

Types of Diplma Mill Schools
Broadly there are two types of diploma mill schools:

  • Those who are offering fake degrees by providing the infomration that the degree is not fake and is accredited.
  • Those who are selling fake degrees by providing the information that the degree is fake, watch this short animated video to have an idea about the fake degree business!

Source : askforeducation

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