Nuh: Teachers Using Fake Certificates Damages Student’s Souls

diplomafraud June 27, 2012 0

Education and Cultural Minister Muhammad Nuh demanded on Saturday that education officials in East Java investigate claims that over 1000 teachers were issued fake diploma certificates. Nuh said that improperly certified teachers could be harmful to students — and not just in an academic sense.

“If teachers are not professional, it could lead to malpractice that could damage student’s souls and life,” Nuh said at the 2012 Teachers Appreciation Day. “If teachers wrongly teach, it will cause long term impacts. They should realize that. Fake certificates should be revoked.”






diploma fraud

Nuh demanded the education agency rescind fake certificates issued by a forger named Sucipto, who was arrested by East Java police recently, and admitted to forging more than 1,600 certificates.

An estimated 62 percent of those certificates were classified as “Akta IV,” and were issued to alleged graduates from three private universities: Dr. Soetomo University in Surabaya, Merdeka University in Malang and Darul Ulum University in Jombang.

The East Java police have been working with the Education Quality Assurance Institution (LPMP) to verify a number of teacher’s certificates.

“If we carry out early competence test [for the Akta IV], it doesn’t mean we don’t trust the teachers,” Nuh said. “But teaching is a profession that influences the future of the nation. If teachers commit malpractice in education, it could destroy the soul and future of students.”

Source : thejakartaglobe

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