Former QAU senior teacher given clean chit

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The inquiry committee of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) has in principle given a clean chit to former head of Defense and Strategic Studies Department in a probe into allegations about fake PhD degree, the sources said here on Wednesday.

diploma fraud

The sources said the committee has received letter from the University of Denver (Colorado) in which it was stated that Dr. Riffat Hussain genuinely acquired his PhD degree in International Relations from the university.

The issue is being probed by a committee comprising Prof. Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad, dean faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Lubna Ali, director School of Politics and International Relations, Muhammad Sabir, deputy registrar Administration and Humayun Khan, deputy registrar Establishment.

The committee was formed when Prof. Dr. Nasrullah Mirza, a professor at Defense and Strategic Studies Department, alleged that the University of Denver (Colorado) in response to verification request recently declared PhD degree of former Prof. Dr. Riffat Hussain as ‘fake’ and ‘forged’.

The record showed that Dr. Nasrullah Mirza accused Dr. Riffat Hussain of obtaining fake PhD degree from the University of Denver in Psychology but on the other hand the university administration maintained that he never ever claimed any such degree in the past.

One of the members of the committee told this correspondent that Dr. Riffat Hussain, who retired in March this year, appeared before the committee and stated that he holds PhD degree in International Relations and never ever claimed any other PhD degree.

But he also said the written application filed by Dr. Nasrullah Mirza also carried some other allegations so the committee would present its report after thoroughly probing into each and every allegation.

On the other hand, Dr. Riffat Hussain has claimed that the allegations against him was an act to avoid administrative action regarding fake degree of Dr. Nasrullah Mirza who found its advisable to target him as he was one of the persons who disclosed the true facts about his (Dr. Nasrullah) fake PhD degree.

The written material provided to the committee showed that Prof. Dr. Nasrullah Mirza also alleged that Dr. Syed Riffat Hussain had committed a fraud during his deputation (1994-1997) at Pakistan ‘s Embassy in Washington DC.

When contacted, QAU Vice Chancellor Dr. Masoom Yasinzai told this scribe that the committee is probing the matter independently and would present its recommendations after completion of the inquiry process.

He said, “I have personal knowledge that the University of Denver has declared PhD degree of Dr. Riffat Hussain as genuine but I would not say anything unless the committee presents his final report.”

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