Malaysian police foils fake diploma scam

diplomafraud September 17, 2012 0

By Agencies

 Global Times

Malaysian police has cracked down a syndicate that had sold fake degrees and certificates to locals, including members of the upper class and professionals, local media reported Friday.

Police raided a local college earlier this week which allegedly involved in selling fake degrees and certificates from non- existence universities, according to local newspaper report.

diploma fraud

A 37-year-old man, believed to be the mastermind, and a 36-year- old woman were arrested.

The syndicate, which has been active since 2003, has sold fake certificates and degrees for up to 5 million ringgit (1.6 million US dollars), according to Hisan Hamzah, a senior police official.

Police managed to seize lists of the bogus certificate recipients, application forms and various other documents during the raid, he said.

The syndicate sells the certificates online including bachelor degree, master degree and PhD. It even holds convocation ceremony for the buyers.

The syndicates claimed that these certificates were issued by a private institution of higher learning said to be affiliated to several universities based overseas, including Britain and the United States.

Police checks revealed that the universities in the United States and Britain were non-existent.

Police are tracking 525 people who allegedly bought fake degrees and certificates, and would like to question them in the course of investigations, Hisan said.

This article was written by Agencies  and originally published on  Global Times

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