Another minister caught with fake diploma: Dan Sova claims to have London master’s degree

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Until September 17, Sova bragged in his CV with a master’s degree in fiscal law, obtained from the London School of Economic and Political Science in 2007. After Kamikaze journalists contacted the school, they learnt that the minister for Parliament relations lied about the master’s. School officials say Sova never received such a diploma from the institution.

Contacted during the show Talk B1, Sova denied the allegations and insisted that his resume never said he was a graduate of the master’s classes, but only that he attended them.

diploma fraud

He asked the talk show host to check his resume on the Law School’s website. According to EvZ, the resume had been changed in the meantime to mention that Sova only attended the classes and that he never held the final dissertation. These statements did not appear in the minister’s resume until September 17.

The document appears to have been changed by a user named Mihai Zaharia at 2:05 pm, right before the report became breaking news. Asked to comment on this matter, Sova said he does not know who Zaharia is.

Turcescu insists Sova knows Zaharia

Journalist Robert Turcescu however insists that the two know each other. “Zaharia is an acquaintance of Sova’s. He is lying when he says he doesn’t know him. He is with the Gheorghe Asachi Computer and Automatics School in Iasi. Sova must have asked him to change the data on all websites hosting his resume. But Google is still showing the old resume, because it doesn’t do its updates so quickly,” Turcescu said.

This article originally appeared on bucharestherald


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