M’sian companies must implement employee-screening programme

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Malaysian companies must implement the employee-screening programme as their standard operating procedure before hiring a suitable candidates to run their operations to avoid employing unqualified people and overpaying them, said Venovox Sdn Bhd’s chief operating officer, Rebecca.

She said in the US, Britain and Japan, employment-screening programme is mandatory.

diploma fraud

“When they come to Malaysia and operate, they make it their company policy to screen all employees,” she told Bernama in an interview.

She said many companies were now facing problems because some candidates had oversold themselves with fantastic fake degrees and false account of their experiences.

“If no proper screening takes place, and the person is recruited to the company, not only damage will be done to the company but getting the person out of the company will also be difficult,” she added.

With the evolvement of technologies, it’s difficult for human resources officers to detect a fake degree.

“We have such excellent photostat machines with high quality printers, so it is easy for candidates today to fake a degree,” she said.

Rebecca said with the Venovox’s employee-screening programme, they would not only screen the information provided by the candidate on their resume, but also do more research on the candidate’s background.

She said the company would be also able to detect whether a genuine degree or a fake has been produced, adding that sometimes those who faked their degree were those with the skills and needed the certificate to demand for high salary. As for fake degrees, there are many types, she said.

“Either the degree is not recognised or they actually fake the degree, where they change the name in the certificate into their name, so it looks like the certificate is theirs,” she explained.

She said with a screening programme, not only employers will benefit, but potential employees can also take advantage of it.

“If your (employee) qualification is challenged, then you can use the employee-screening programme to defend yourself and save your job,” she added.

Venovox is a global background screening solutions provider, assisting businesses around the world to make informed choices and reduce their workplace risks.

The local company, established on November 11, last year, is experienced in criminal record searches, employment verification, reference checking, education verification and driving violation searches among others

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