Forged Documents High On the Central Coast

diplomafraud November 28, 2012 0

By Ricardo Navarro


“Word on the street will direct you to someone that could possible provide these fraudulent documents,” said Officer Miguel Cabrera, Salinas Police.

Though the grape vine, that’s how easy it is for many undocumented people to find fake ID’s to get a job.

diploma fraud

“It’s needed by a lot of members in the community, just to seek and possibly gain employment by using these documents,” said Cabrera.

According to police crooks looking to make a quick buck have caught on to the demand for fake identification.

Sunday, Monterey County Deputies arrested Alicia Lopez and Arnolodo Guerrera with more than 100 forged registration tags, and paper to make more.

The problem is, some of these forged documents are so good some employers can’t tell the difference.

Employers don’t have the tools to determine whether or not those documents are real or not,” said Nor Groot, Monterey Farm Bureau.

Groot said Agriculture employers are not required to check legitimacy, just that a worker has the proper paperwork or identification.

“That’s where we need to have some reform so that there is some sort of way these documents can be verified by employers,” said Groot.

The DMV said it’s made ID’s harder to duplicate by adding holograms, barcodes and things that the naked eye cant see.

Still, the state said recent investigations are finding a lot more forged ID’s on the Central Coast.

This article was written by Ricardo Navarro  and originally published on kionrightnow

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