Fake biology teacher Julia Rawlinson who forged qualifications jailed

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Julia Rawlinson, 45, faked documents including a doctorate to get a biology teaching job at Westlands School in Torquay, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Rawlinson, of Brixham, Devon, admitted false representation and forgery.

Judge Philip Wassall told her: “You created layer upon layer of lies and blighted everyone you taught. There was not a single sign of regret.”

diploma fraud

‘Created a lie’

The court heard Rawlinson’s forged documents included a masters degree in science psychology and a doctorate of science psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University and a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Staff at the school became suspicious and called the police.

Rawlinson had portrayed herself as chief examiner for A-level biology with Edexcel and had helped the school before summer 2011 with A-level biology project work.

She had been taken on as a temporary part-time staff member on 1 September of last year and her employment at Westlands was terminated early the next month.

Lee Bremridge, defending Rawlinson, said she was a “pathological liar who created a lie and came to believe it”.

Right grade

Edexcel said: “We are deeply disappointed with the actions of an individual who was contracted to mark papers for us.

“It is clear that she made false claims to the school about the extent of her role with Edexcel, as well as other matters including her qualifications to teach.

“Since becoming aware of this case of fraud, we informed Ofqual and conducted an investigation which included a review of the marking work undertaken by Ms Rawlinson.

“Following this review of every question that was marked by Ms Rawlinson in 2011 we concluded that every student received the right grade.

“Since Ms Rawlinson was first contracted to us, we have strengthened the application process for all our markers. This will provide increased protection against fraud of this nature in the future.”

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