What Under-Surface Horrors Await You When You Choose a Diploma Mill?

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If you are choosing to go back to school, let EDegree USA congratulate you first for this important decision! However, your ideas and opinions about online degree programs might change if you take your steps wrong. By ‘right’ steps, we mean that you should steer clear of any sort of unauthorized institutions and should not pay heed to their overstatements. You should choose an accredited college in the first place. If you fail to so, there are some under-surface horrors that might await you. Yes, it was not misspelled. Here below are five reasons why studying in a diploma mill might be a terrifying experience altogether.

diploma fraud

Spine-chilling tuition fees

Some accredited colleges are also pretty expensive. However, these colleges ensure value for money and you are sure to get good infrastructure, technical support, assistance from country’s best faculty and much more if you pursue your college degree from these colleges. On the contrary, diploma mills are likely to charge you quite unnecessarily while your expectations are not met to the least bit. Comparing college cost is an imperative.

Horrifying financial aid process

Many colleges these days have separate financial assistance departments that deal with student loan, scholarship and other matters. But some colleges, quite regrettably, have not put emphasis on financial aid assistance and this is mostly true with unaccredited colleges. You might face a serious problem while applying for a grant and scholarship if you choose a degree mill. Take a note that the entire process of applying and getting financial aid involves a lot of paperwork.

Dejecting credit transfer process


The credit transfer process is aimed at retrenching the course duration and fees for students who have already completed some level of education from other colleges/schools. Some diploma mills, however, do not accept credits from other colleges, neither their credits are accepted by recognized e-schools. If you are feeling butterflies in your stomach just because you don’t know whether your credits are transferrable to the new school you are getting admitted to, just check their accreditation status. Accredited schools generally accept and transfer credits.

These are just some of the downsides of degree and diploma mills. You may face serious complications to get a high-paying job with a degree from an unaccredited college, which is most horrifying for most students we guess.

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