Teacher works for years with fake qualifications

diplomafraud April 30, 2013 0


The state of Schleswig-Holstein has demanded the woman pay back her salaries and has said former students are entitled to have their work re-graded, the Kieler Nachrichten said.

diploma fraud

The woman grew up in the former East Germany, where she studied German and civic education. Around the time of reunification, she produced a fake teaching diploma, on the basis of which she found employment in Berlin, where she became a state teacher, giving her the coveted perks associated with being a civil servant.

In 2008 she was transferred to the town of Mölln, where she taught German at the Marion-Dönhoff secondary school.

According to the education ministry, the woman came tothe notice of officials when a new headmaster at the school noticed a discrepancy between her impressive qualifications and her competence as a teacher.

A former student told regional radio station NDR that parents and students had been complaining about the teacher for years.

The state of Schleswig-Holstein has stripped her of her civil servant status and called for her to pay back what she was paid. But there are no plans for a court case against the teacher, who stopped working at the school in February.

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