Name and shame fake degree holders

diplomafraud June 7, 2013 0

by: Asif Khan


With regard to the report “Degrees for sale at big discount” (June 5), the author has raised a very sensitive and important issue regarding the number of people working with fake or forged certificates and degrees including some teaching in the nation’s universities.

People with little or no conscience who engage in this business are spoiling the future of the nation’s youth. Fake degree holders are incompetent in their respective fields. If they are working in the educational field, they are not only spoiling the future of coming generations, but they are also feeding their family with money which has been dishonestly earned. People working with fake degrees, and those who have sold them these bogus credentials, should all be publicly identified and punished.

This article was written by Asif Khan   and originally published on saudigazette

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