CID summons 168 ‘fake’ teachers

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The Crime Investigation Department has issued summons to 82 teachers in SPSR Nellore district and 86 teachers in Prakasam district regarding the forged and fake degree certificate cases filed against them by the education department.

CID summons 168 ‘fake’ teachers

The probe against the accused teachers of Prakasam district will begin on November 13 and the teachers of Nellore district from November 14.

In a bid to get promotions as school assistants, teachers working in elementary schools had allegedly submitted fake post graduation certificates of various universities to the education department and got promotions in 2009.

Most teachers submitted the certificates of universities like Vinayaka Mission, Alagappa, Bharatiyar, Ujjain Annamalai University, and some others.

The then director of school education, Poonam Malakondaiah, had ordered the probe after she came to know about the absence of NAC (National Accreditation Committee) certificate for some of the Universities.

The education department in Nellore and Prakasam districts had conducted an inquiry and filed cases against the teachers based on prima facie evidence.

The government had directed the Crime Investigation Department to conduct a through investigation when the education department sent a report after registering cases.

In this backdrop, the Crime Investigation Department’s regional office in Nellore embarked on the exercise a few weeks back.

The Crime Investigation Department has posted two teams headed by sub-inspectors from the Crime Investigation Department’s Nellore and Prakasam district units to question the accused teachers.

The teachers will face dismissal from their jobs as well as criminal cases and possible imprisonment if their guilt is proved during the probe and subsequent trial.

Police sources said that the CID’s  investigating teams would question about five teachers from each district everyday.

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