Two arrested for duping banks of Rs 53 lakh using fake salary slips in Pune

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by: Sandip Dighe

A 29-year-old man and his accomplice, who obtained loans of Rs53 lakh from various international banks allegedly by creating fake salary slips of well-known multinational firms, have been arrested by the Mundhwa police.

Two arrested for duping banks of Rs 53 lakh using fake salary slips in Pune

The two men — Faizal Nazir Ahmed (29) of Kharadi, originally from Jharkhand, and his associate Anant Khadu Waghmare (38) of Ghorpadi — have committed this huge fraud in the past two months.

Investigations so far revealed that Ahmed, along with the help of his associate Waghmare, who worked as an agent with an international bank, duped 15 national and international banks in the city. The investigators suspected that the duo could be part of an inter-state racket which operated in a similar way duping banks of lakhs of rupees. The police said that this was a new modus operandi and so it was quite difficult to catch the fraudsters, as they created salary slips which looked exactly like those given in various international firms.

Police sub inspector Vishal Ingale who is investigating the case said, “In the first week of November, we got an application from an international bank official saying that one Vishal Kapoor had submitted fake documents and got a loan of Rs9.99 lakh sanctioned. Following this we started our investigations. Initially, we checked the submitted documents. The fraudster had submitted salary slips, identity proof, banks statements and address proof. After verifying all the documents we came to know that all the documents were forged.”  The bank has given a contract to a private agency to get all loan procedures and scrutiny done, Ingale said.

“Later, we took more information from the agency which verified the documents and we got Waghmare. While interrogating him, we came to know about Faizal. Waghmare told us that Faizal had worked in various multinational firms and hence he knew about the salary slips. He used to create salary slips looking exactly like the ones given in these firms and bank statements of various banks and give them to Waghmare, who used them to get loans sanctioned from various banks on Faizal’s account.”

The incident came to light on October 27 when bank officials, after verifying the documents, found discrepancies in the submitted salary slips.

Faizal gave 25 addresses

Faizal had submitted fake documents to get a SIM card for his mobile phone too. The investigators had to verify all the addresses given by him. “Faizal is married and stays with his wife. He constantly changed his address. We checked 25 addresses before we could arrest him from Pool Gate area on Saturday night,” sub inspector Vishal Ingale said.


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