Aryan Hospitality gets a notice for allegedly submitting fake documents

diplomafraud February 28, 2014 0

The district administration has served a notice to Aryan Hospitality Private Limited, a subsidiary of Ideal Road Builders (IRB), seeking its explanation about obtaining construction permission by allegedly submitting fake documents of the land layout to procure the non-agriculture (NA) certificate in Kolhapur.

Aryan Hospitality gets a notice for allegedly submitting fake documents

The firm has been given seven days to respond to the notice issued on February 17, 2014 stated a report in The Times of India. The firm is constructing a 100-room hotel opposite the Army golf course at Temblaiwadi area, about four Kilometre from the city. A similar notice will be issued to the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) for providing fake documents to the district administration.

Abhijit Sawant, Senior Designer, Aryan Hospitality confirmed that they had received the notice. The notice states, “The Aryan Hospitality Private Limited has taken the non-agriculture (NA) certificate from the district land records department without informing the district administration about the presence of the natural water stream passing through the land under construction. Also, the respective company has not taken no-objection certificate (NOC) from the urban land records department.”

The notice further states that the company has violated the Urban Land Ceiling Act while obtaining the NOC for approval of the final layout. “Also, the construction permission has been taken despite the TDR of the land being issued by the civic administration to the former owners of the land,” adds the notice.

Some of the land (exact area is not known at present) from 30,000 sq mts has been taken by the KMC by issuing TDR certificates to the owners. A recent Supreme Court judgment states that the land acquired by the urban local body for the public purpose should be utilised for the same and should not be exploited for commercial purpose by selling/leasing it to the private firms.

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