6 arrested for travelling on forged documents

diplomafraud May 14, 2014 0

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) immigration staff on Monday arrested six people trying to travel abroad on forged travel documents.

FIA Director Dr Usman Anwar said that Muhammad Waqas was offloaded by the FIA immigration staff as he boarded flight EK623 to South Africa on a forged visa.

6 arrested for travelling on forged documents

He said Hubaib Anwar from Gujranwala was also arrested when he tried to travel to South Africa via flight QR621 on forged travel documents. He said during interrogation, Anwar confessed to getting a forged visa sticker from an agent from Gujranawala for Rs70,000.

The FIA director said Shahzad Ali from Sialkot was offloaded from flight QR621, as he tried to travel to Athens on a fake visa.

He said the FIA immigration staff had also identified four agents who were involved in human trafficking. The FIA Anti-Human Trafficking Circle (AHTC) also arrested three passengers for trying to travel without proper.

Source: tribune

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