About RiskDiscovered™

Who we are?

RiskDiscovered™ is a brand name of BackgroundCheck Private Limited (formerly DataFlow Pakistan Pvt. Ltd), the largest and prestigious Primary Source Verification provider in Pakistan operating since 2007. Hundreds of clients from corporations to governments trust RiskDiscovered™ as their partner in mitigating risks associated with staff hiring, issuing work permits and vendor selection. We verify thousands of applicants, identify hundreds of red flags and contribute in saving invaluable reputation of our esteemed clients. RiskDiscovered™ brand is now more focused on fostering awareness about the risks and providing free and unique technological solutions to make background verification process faster, more organized and hassle free.

Why us?

RiskDiscovered™ has already established its reputation and credibility in local and international market for out-of-the-box approach, fastest turnaround, economical rates and most importantly for safeguarding clients’ interest by providing legal and authentic verifications. We now offer “Pay-by-Applicant” solution, a fully automated web based system that enables our clients to ask their applicants to process and pay for their background verification and get certification from BackgroundCheck Private Limited to continue with their employment, work permit or partnership applications. It’s a win-win situation for the all parties, the applicant gets an industry standard certification of clean background and our client doesn’t has to pay anything in meeting the compliance requirements. For the simplicity of payment process, we have partnered with easypaisa.com.pk for local payments and PayPal for international payments besides conventional payment methods.

We built the Brand that we’d want to do Verification with. We hope you do too.

Discover The Risk!

Our mission is simple – we spread awareness about the risks, discover and mitigate those for our clients. Many of the severe risk types are still considered to be minor and the methods being used in their mitigation are not enough to address the real threat. This is why many organizations and countries continue to face similar issues that usually stem from the use of fake degrees and diploma mills. The attestation system operated by governments is unwittingly complicit in this and has been exploited for years by criminals and fraudsters. It allows human traffickers to enslave people and force them to labour and prostitution. It creates a hole in corporate security when combined with other fake documents. It undermines the global education system. We continue to see thousands of fake degrees and diploma mill certificates notarized and attested.

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Technological Edge – 365 way!

We have designed unique suite of fully automated and secure solutions based on web 2.0 technologies for Immigration officers, Background Check / Due Diligence companies and HR / Compliance departments to efficiently manage their verification requirements in Pakistan. We call it 365 because it is available 24/7 and 365 days, accessible from anywhere anytime. It is a hybrid solution for both types of business models, whether your applicant pays for verification or you pay us, it works both ways. Very user friendly and intuitive – no training or special instruction is required to use our 365 solutions. If you know how to browse internet, you can start using our 365 solutions right away.

BackgroundCheck365.com | Certify365.com | CrimeCheck365.com | RiskNews365.com | RiskMap365.com

Specialized Services and Legal Coverage!

We provide specialist set of services to protect our clients from fraudulent, dishonest, or otherwise unsuitable applicants. We aim to provide highest level of organized services by distinguishing the type of our clients and the areas that should be thoroughly verified to mitigate the associated risks. With the strength of over 100 dedicated staff and a strong network of resources, we have legal access across Pakistan including some of the most troubled and difficult areas to access for services such as local police record check, site visits and driving license verification.

PayByApplicant.com | EmployeesVerification.com | ProfessionalQualificationVerification.com | ImmigrationVerification.com | VendorVerification.com

International Industry Knows Us!

BackgroundCheck Private Limited is a founding member of NAPBS APAC Chapter, a US based association active in public affairs and raises voice on behalf of its members against issues impacting the background screening industry. We also partnered with world’s leading organizations fighting against corruption, bribery and human trafficking and foster awareness and knowledge about these heinous crimes.

Ethics360.com | FCPADatabase.com | CrossCheck360.com | PrimarySourceVerification.net | BackgroundChecksWiki.com | FreedomNow.org

Nurturing The Awareness

For the purpose of spreading awareness about the risks to the public, RiskDiscovered™ has created a network of free and dedicated blogs who are publishing topic focused news, articles and resources on daily basis. We have a very strong social media presence over internet and thousands of our readers benefit from this information and helping us in spreading the word. Some of our prominent blogs are below:

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How We Carry Out Verifications

We carry out verifications by directly contacting universities, professional organizations, government registries, banks and employers by phone, fax, email, courier, personal visit or a combination of all these to request their cooperation to verify the information that has been provided. We will also check if a university is accredited or not. We always send a copy of the letter of authorization signed by the applicant to the entity from which we are requesting the verification, if they require it.

Focused and Unbiased!

Ever wonder why many internal resources of an organization fail to dig out accurate information in timely manner when they verify employees or vendors? The answer is simple. They are not specialized in this filed, they are not focused on this work because they are occupied in other tasks and possibly they don’t use unbiased approach when they verify someone they know! We are a specialized company focusing only on background verification in Pakistan. We don’t know your applicants so we are not bias!

Security and Compliance

Understanding local laws and regulations is paramount for a screening program. We only provide information from the public domain that has been legally and ethically obtained, setting us apart from many other regional screening companies. This dedication to providing high quality information and professionally retrieved results is why our clients trust us for their screening solutions, quality assurance and data security.

Quality, Integrity and Ethics

Our reputation allows no compromise on the quality of our work and the professionalism in which we carry it out. We continuously invest in the enhancement of quality procedures through the on-going training of personnel, operating in an environment of continuous improvement and the active encouragement of audits from clients and industry regulators. This is in addition to an internal policy of conducting background check on each of our employees and an independent audit team which undertakes random audits on a regular basis for all our processes. Maintenance of the highest standard of ethics is the cornerstone of our business. As a reputable provider of screening services we never seek to invade privacy or breach confidentiality. A signed letter of authorization is required from all applicants prior to screening being initiated.

Meet the Leadership

Danish Thanvi

CEO & President – BackgroundCheck Private Limited

CTO – Ethics Group, Singapore

Danish is a trusted C-Level Executive having over 12 years of experience in Background Screening, Due Diligence and IT industries. He is a seasoned professional who is well known for his out of the box approach combined with the ability to genuinely add value and deliver both in complex and demanding environments. Danish is founding member of National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) APAC region and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Pakistan Chapter. He also an active member of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA).

Danish also owns and run leading industry groups on LinkedIn for Background Screening and Fraud Mitigation communities where thousands of members participate and educate.