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RiskDicovered Introduces a New Service- Fast Track Verification

admin January 21, 2014 0

This age of forgery has compelled every corporate HR to run background check on their employees, whether in-house or through third party vendor. For the accuracy of the background checks, most of the HR

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New Year Resolution for HR- Clean Workforce in 2014

admin January 7, 2014 0

Again, we are in that time of the year where we look at what we have done in the last year and start to plan how we can be better and different in the

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RiskDiscovered Launched a New Feature – Background Verification Certificate System

admin November 20, 2013 0 is a fully automated and hassle free workflow system for background verification process exclusively developed by RiskDiscovered for their clients.Using this system RiskDiscovered clients submit cases, view work in progress, download reports and

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Why Degree Verification is Important for You?

admin October 21, 2013 0

Do you know that a large number of candidates forge their educational records? Because of the increasing number of fake colleges and universities; verification of educational credentials has become very difficult, expensive and time-consuming

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Fake Degree Dilemma for Respectable Profession of Teaching

admin October 11, 2013 0

Teachers play an important role as they not only deal with student’s learning outcome, however also with their character building. But what is happening nowadays has alarmed so many parents in Pakistan. Parents are

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Airline Industry in Pakistan Badly Need to Use Background Screening Services

admin September 4, 2013 0

Passengers who travel from an airline want to have a safe journey by making sure that they are in good hands who will safely take them to their destinations

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Growing Business of Bogus Online International Universities

admin August 26, 2013 0

The world of education has been largely affected by an increase in business and individuals providing fake degrees. This illegal marketplace is not only affecting the educational fields for which such fake credentials are

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Do Pakistani Companies need to know who they are hiring?

admin August 15, 2013 0

Pakistani companies think of background checking and resume checking of a candidate as useless. They really need to think it again. In Pakistan, the present economic challenge has increased the need to adopt the

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