Trio held in Shanghai for forging press cards

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Yao Lan

Three men have been detained for producing, selling and using counterfeit press cards, police of Shanghais’ Hongkou dstrict said yesterday.

The operation came to light after police detained suspect Zhang Hua last Wednesday during a raid on a hair salon in Hongkou that served as a front for a brothel.

Trio held in Shanghai for forging press cards

When quizzed about buying sex services, Zhang claimed he was an undercover journalist working on a report. Police said he was very calm during the questioning and produced several documents, including a press card and work permit, to support his story.

Despite having no doubt that his credentials were fake, due to the poor quality of the reproductions, police said they contacted Zhang’s alleged employers to confirm he was not a journalist.

Zhang confessed soon after, saying he bought the fake documents from a man called You Xin.

Police investigated You and discovered that he had a long history of selling fake press cards, for which he charged about 1,000 yuan (US$163) apiece.

The forger also claimed to be the owner of a food website that didn’t exist and was found to have masqueraded as a TV executive, in whose guise he swindled goods and large sums of cash from unsuspecting victims.

Following a search of You’s office, police seized more than 20 fake press cards, 40 name tags, several media work permits and assorted paraphernalia used to make the fake documents.

You also directed police to Wang Qiang, the owner of the printing firm that produced the press cards.

Wang was taken into custody on Friday and admitted producing the fake documents.

Zhang is being held under an administrative detention for using counterfeit versions of official documents, while You and Wang have been detained on the criminal charge of producing and selling such documents.

The investigation is ongoing.

Source: ecns

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