BU students’ documents to be verified online

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The time-consuming document verification process of Bangalore University (BU) students is all set to go online from the next academic year. The university is planning to upload scanned copies of markscards and degree certificates on its website to help employers verify documents of the shortlisted candidates easily.

Manual verification takes about a month. BU cross-checks the certificates of about 150 students every day and 50 of these requests are from companies based in foreign countries.

BU students’ documents to be verified online

The new system is expected to prevent fake degree holders from getting jobs and also save time for recruiters, job aspirants and university officials. Every year, over 1.5 lakh students graduate out of the 50-year-old university.

K N Ninge Gowda, registrar (evaluation), BU, said 56 agencies are mediating between companies and students on document verification. These agencies are charging Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 for the purpose.
“Online verification is the need of the hour. Some 30% employees with different companies in the country are learnt to have got jobs by submitting fake degree certificates,” said Ninge Gowda.

How does it work?

For online document verification, the student has to register on BU’s website by paying Rs 400, either using a debit or credit card. Once the payment is done, the student will receive a password to his or her email ID and during the time of recruitment, the student has to login to the website and key in the password in front of the recruiters who can verify the authenticated copies. This is a temporary password and can be used only once.

* BU receives applications for document verification from various places in the country and abroad
*About 100 requests come to the varsity every day from companies
* The university receives 50 applications from foreign countries, particularly from the US, Canada, and Kuwait, daily
* The online verification system on BU’s website will be designed by an outsourced IT expert.
* Only marks cards and degree certificates will be uploaded online.

Source: indiatimes

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