Website offering fake university degree certificates under investigation

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An administration body is examining the offer of fake college degree declarations by a site in China.

Taking after BBC Radio Kent’s former examination which discovered declarations valued at £500, journalists acted like clients and found the site offering degree testaments from numerous UK colleges, including Kent and Surrey.

Website offering fake university degree certificates under investigation

The Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) said they trusted the site would be closed around Chinese powers.

At the point when initially examined in December, the site asserted the testaments were for “curiosity purposes, or as a swap for lost recognitions”.

The University of Kent then again, said understudies buckle down for their degrees and it is stressing that such a site exists.

HEDD, subsidized by the Higher Education Funding Council for England confirms legitimacy of degrees issued by 22 UK colleges.

Representative Jane Rowley said it had found the site offering UK college testaments, as well as endorsements for American and Chinese colleges.

Ms Rowley said HEDD “have been in contact with partners at the Ministry of Education in China to inquire as to whether they find themselves able to act.

They do have an office in charge of this in China and they are going to explore further so they ought to have the capacity to close down the site.”

In spite of the fact that Ms Rowley said degree extortion harms the notoriety of colleges, she said they are working “to ensure our young graduates in the work environment to verify they are not being denied chances to work by individuals who have not done the work or made that sort of money related venture.

Source: inquirelive

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