1 arrested for booking rice container on fake documents

diplomafraud May 7, 2015 0

A Delhi-based man was captured for supposedly creating fake records for booking a rice to be traded to Singapore, police said today.

fake documents

Rajnish Singh of Delhi was captured two days back after a protestation made by Narinder Dhingra, accomplice of ‘Dhingra Exports’ in Kurukshetra, with the police on March 29 last, a police representative said.

The complainant had claimed that Rajnish had swindled them by booking a compartment on name of his firm by utilizing fake reports to fare rice to Singapore.

The representative said that amid investigation of the blamed, the police have recuperated his tablet which contains different archives including fake records of Dhingra Exports.

The blamed was delivered under the watchful eye of the court today which sent him to legal remand for 14 days.

Police said the blamed had filled papers to book a holder a month ago for sending rice to Singapore, on premise of fake receipt and ID.

Police said that further examinations for the situation are under advancement.

Source: business-standard

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